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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Holistic Consult?
    Your first appointment with us is an hour long. This appointment begins with a thorough history from a veterinary technician, and then the remainder of the time is with you, your pet and the doctor. This visit allows enough time for a thorough exam, to review your pet's previous medical records, to discuss any additional diagnostic testing recommendations and to put together a customized treatment plan. The cost of the first exam is $150.00, this does not include any supplements, vaccinations, or diagnostic test results. New client must submit a full deposit of $150.00 to hold your appointment. The deposit will be applied directly to your appointment fee. Cancellations: New client appointments require 48 hours' notice, otherwise the deposit is forfeited without reimbursement or credit towards a future appointment.
  • Do you offer “regular” veterinary care or only holistic care?
    In addition to offering holistic modalities, we offer a wide range of wellness and preventative care including vaccinations, titer testing, in-house diagnostic testing, and surgical services. Integrative veterinary care is just that, an integration of traditional/conventional and natural/holistic care. That means that we try to evaluate the “whole” patient including diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, genetic predisposition, history, illnesses, etc. And then we offer a combination of treatments that will most safely and effectively manage the well being of your companion. While they are in our clinic, we use a Fear Free approach, using treats as distractions and using reduced handling and restraint. Our patients’ having as stress free of an experience as possible is another important component of holistic care.
  • Can I receive a diagnosis over the phone without having to bring my pet in?
    Unfortunately no, we cannot diagnose over the phone. For a new patient, the doctor has to legally establish a vet-patient-client relationship, which requires a physical exam. If you happen to be a current client we would also need to have a doctor's visit for each pet in order to make any diagnosis.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Yes, as our practice grows, we want to make sure that our schedule stays accurate. When a client cancels last minute or does not show up, we are unable to offer this time to someone else, which is unfair to other clients. For all clients we require a 48 hour cancellation notice, so that we are able to fill those time slots with another patient. All new client appointments who cancel less than 48 hours forfeit the $125.00 down payment.
  • What is your late policy?
    We understand that occasionally life happens, however being as little as 10 minutes late can result in an extended wait time or the need to reschedule your appointment. More than two consecutive late arrivals will require prepayment for future appointments.
  • How often does my pets need to come in for wellness visits?
    In order to maintain a valid veterinarian-patient-client relationship, a physical exam must be performed at a minimum of once yearly. For senior pets over the age of 7, it is our recommendation that they receive bi-annual physical exams. Of course this can vary depending on your pets specific medical history or condition.
  • What if I have an emergency after hours?
    Please contact one of our recommended emergency clinics: WVRC in Waukesha: 262-542-3241 Lakeshore: 414-540-6710
  • Can I return medication if not used?
    Unfortunately no, just as with a human pharmacy or hospital, pharmaceuticals are legally unable to be returned once it has left our building, regardless of if the seal is broken.
  • What is your retail return policy?
    All retail sales are final.
  • If I need a Medication refill, how far in advance should I call?"
    Please call at least 24 hour prior to needing a medication refill. For special orders, 10-14 days notice is required to accomodate for ordering and shipping times.
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